Woman in Train- A Random Memory


I am an Indian woman and has passed so many life examinations as every woman does. The life will never stop examine you. It will be never late to give true examination about your inner self about how you true to yourself!

I am writing after so long due to some questionnaire revolving around me. New Days, New Life and new struggles. I was thinking everything has changed, hopefully life will find some new tracks. Yes! It reroutes to something new but roots belong to struggles. Today I want to talk about a Woman’s struggle throughout the life. It is not about me but true for many woman who keep on struggling for life and lights and of course they all #Inspireme. (Person names can be fictions but story is true)

I went to Gujarat (India State Gujarat is famous for its rich cultural heritage) in July’17. I went on my friend’s engagement party. I was coming back in train after two days. I was a little ill with sore throat. Firstly, an uncle was gazing at me since long time, I ignored. But he could not resist and talked to me. He asked about my study/career and hometown. Next stop was Indore and two boys came and sat next to me. There was a foreigner passenger traveling in next compartment. Suddenly those boys start talking to me as they were willing to talk that foreigner lady.  That uncle started to make some sound to get noticed by that lady as she and he were belong to same “Hare-Krishna” group. She came and we started knowing about her.

She was so kind-hearted and really know more than us about Hindu religion. She start chanting with uncle, those boys and me. We enjoyed a lot. Before the time of arrival we got each-others contact/Instagram account details to get in touch with all. I was little uncomfortable to share my details with anyone who is unknown because we heard many of news on regular. But I found all of them were nice so we shared.

Then my stop comes and we moved to own destinations. I was connected with all of them on Instagram. That foreigner lady had put so many of pictures of her own and of her loved ones. I found a story in her timeline and even she told us when we were travelling together.  She was alone now as her husband passed away and her family was not happy as she was involving to Hinduism. But she doesn’t lose hope and was continuously growing and becoming more matured. She was alone but she is living her life with enthusiasm and perfections. Nothing is harming her she was traveling from her country to India and living here. She became a another inspiration for me and gave me a lesson of life.

Moral:  If any worse is happening to you is a part of your life. It is a journey, you may lose so many things and many of people will come and leave you but make yourself is a unique person. Nothing will ever going to hurt you if you are standing like a rock. Be yourself. Be happy in every situation because everything is given by God and he knows better what is better for us!!


Field of Dreams


I think Dreams are the only human thing for which no reason have found by scientists till now. Dreams, the word itself is interesting. I don’t know how they are building up in my mind and comes with variety of colors in night. The time when we are dreaming, we do not know the real life. It seems we are originally where we are dreaming of. Such an incredible thing it is! Isn’t it? Dreams can be anything. Recently I dreamed that I am sleeping in my dream and dreaming another dream. It was certain. There is no limit or bound on dreams. It can start whenever want in you deep sleep and can make you happy or sad by own choices.

Once a day, I was thinking about dreams that exactly what they are. I start day dreaming about so many things and suddenly my Mom came and shouted, “Where your mind is? I am calling you and you are not replying me.” I answered in flurry, “Mmm….Mom, ah…aa… I was Dreaming”. She rubbed my back and sat next to me and asked, “Ok, what were you dreaming about?” I started telling her: Mom, I am dreaming about a big area where I am building my house. We have pools, play grounds, Fruit Trees, a big lawn, etc etc. I kept on saying and my Mom was listening to me very carefully. I thought she is felling into that dream too but suddenly my mom stops me and said, “Oh darling! You are dreaming about your new home. This is great. Let me tell you a Story” I was looking my mom with full of curiosity and interest then she started:

There was small village which in hilly area. There are number of hillocks in this village. Among all, there is small monticule which was even and flat from top. The sunset view was amazing from this top. Villagers used to visit this monticule to see beauty of nature and usually dreamed about a beautiful house over this hillock but it was very hard to get required stuff to reach over there. There was a family of an old man who was living nearby to this place. He did morning and evening walk daily. He carried some bricks or stones in his hand while walking. Every villager was taunting him and making his jokes by saying him “Arree! Budha Pagla gya hai! (Translation: Oh Lord! This old man got mad!) No one can make house with this 2 bricks in his hands. But all these didn’t effect old man. With his huge efforts, his family started supporting him. They kept on picking some materials while going to that mount.

Years had been passed! One day there was enough material to build a beautiful house. He built his dream house as he want. People around him was shocked and start praising him and thinking inside, we wish we could make those efforts to build a dream house at this place. Mom put her hands on my head and asked, “Hmmm!!!! So did you get why I tell you this story?” I said, “Yes! Mom. I learnt. Dreams are only those which can be fulfil by our will power and struggle.

Then my Mom gave me a lesson:

Dreams are those who do not let you sleep. We do not even remember in the morning, the dream we seen while sleeping. But those Dreams which are seen with open eyes, we not only remember them, but they do not let us sleep. So dream Big and Work harder to make your dream come true.

The Training Wheels: Recap


This is another month; he did not know where to start. I heard his noise of brain and murmuring of heart but nothing happened. He is young, energetic and pure hearten person. He started his brain storming when he done B.tech in EC. Partition began. He dug something for himself to generate lifelong cave but how it could happen without having a mattock. I knew him since the time when he started his struggles within his self I mean Childhood. The first time I realize his luck at the time when some girl denied his proposal of friendship in childhood. Further, he prepared his self for future endeavors. He completed his studies and moved to place where he did not know anyone. He starts living as Paying guest and hoping to work within the city. After 6 months, he started working with his newly made Paying Guest friend. But after 2 or so months, he realized that this work isn’t made for him. He stopped working.

2nd Phase of Life:

After leaving that job, he started finding job in same field which he just stopped. He applied on Portal and got many offers for job but due to internal brain-heart fight he couldn’t gave any interview. I had no idea till the time I met him again that from which he is suffering. I motivated him for find something better as he is talented and is having good personality too. But nothing helped. I gave some good references but due to his non-dominating mind set he refused to visit.

3rd Phase of Friendship:

I thought he must be in depression as he is only reliable on his parents. He has so many responsibilities for his family. I started moving toward him to show him that he is not alone so that he will feel better but he indulges his self for other things. He started alcohol with his newly made Paying Guest friend.  He got trapped into his own furl. He was unable to find his track around the world. He lost visions and dreams which he saw in open eyes for government job and also to get appreciated by his family. He lost almost everything due to him only.

Last Phase of everything:

I have learnt in my life that, when you distract yourself with your own working/enthusiasm toward your own dreams, you got trapped; you became a maze runner who will never find his way. I do not know the result but till this time he is still into his own mind’s maze. He made himself unable to come out from the cave of dark. He is still in those fields of thoughts and never preparing for any tests or interviews. He stayed free. I never found any complaints or suggestions from his side for his life.

Finally!!  He stopped trying everything. Yeah! Seriously! I talked to him but did not found any worries as he denied telling me anything and I concluded he is in depression.

MORAL: We chose our own path. Human Mind is a secular thing. You may advise, judge, medicate, suggest but can’t change anyone’s mindset. When you start sympathy with someone or arguing with him/her for their best, then after some time those things stop working for them.

In short: One always knows which is just good or better for him. The thing that only matter is your inner approach for that.


Time will never Stop ⊗

water-time-1024x576It is wonder that how this world works. It is wonder how time never stop as it is meant to be like that only because otherwise people gonna stay at their best memory places forever! I wish I could be stay there where I feel happy & some time secure.

Ummm! I am under depression today.  The time when I settled so many things & was totally about to take another step to move ahead in my life suddenly something pulled me back. It was time to sleep but I was not in mood of. So many things were running across mind. For the time being it seems like…. Quite…. Shhhh…. No need to speak about anything and elsewhere I feel like it is good to burst out of your inner layer.

Today my motive is to tell myself that time never gonna stop for anyone. It will be never happening. Wish would remain be wish if you are not come up with. This thought come to mind when I was washing cloths and expecting few things for and from me. The expectation goes into another way, where no one gonna stop you to come and sit here and let us discuss.

The Time  is not waiting for me to do well. I have so many dreams. I will have to do those things within the time. But where is the TIME? Why am I unable to cope up with? I am completing my tasks on time. Earning well according to job but why I could get time for everything.  I am in confusion for this but I have results too.  Every thing has a reason to happen. Nothing is worthless which happening around me and you. There is No use thinking of the past for its gone, don’t think of the future because it has to come, think of the present because that’s where you are.

Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey said “Time is a cruel thief to rob us of our former selves. We lose as much to life as we do to death. “

Let me plan for my things again.  I need to focus again to my wishes & dreams which are still in queue to happen. Let me there in my time where I stopped and again started to motivate myself only. Yesss!!! Let it burst out.

Moral: Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Be there! Be in present and then you will definitely cope up with it. 

The life Changes


It is a new start! Few days ago I met one person who was trying to talk and wanted to be frank with me but I was not. The reason behind my expressions were unknown. It does not mean that I was showing my attitude or something because I am what I am. I treated him well and I was not at all arrogant but suddenly I received a massage from his side that “This is Life and every day is a new beginning.” I was amazed and asked him why did he wrote this to me? He observed something or some intuition has come onto his mind, I was curious to know.  but he did not answer.

  “This is Life and every day is a new beginning.” We read this line many times. We give advises to people but are we following it? Let us start here…….

The only thing which keep on running is our mind. Our mind has an incredible and powerful ability to change the things. This can create, modify, update & delete the moments which had happened, are happening and may be you are about to do it. When we start realizing what our mind is trying to say, or we suddenly opt the things which our mind was asking us for long, at that time a change has come into our life’s door step. We know very well that Change is a necessity but some time we were not ready and sudden change happen. It can be anything. Could be related to you daily work routine, might be nature of person toward you or can be your internal yourself which was not agreeing to change but it did ! The only reason is ” Change is a process not a event.”

Many times you feel distrust or antagonist but the happening has happened. So this is what I learnt new is Change is a phenomenon. You cant stop what is changing or what next gonna change. So be in present and live in Today.  If you are in present then you will not be worrying for future. Yes! This is life. Everything keeps on moving. Every day is a new beginning so Live it and pass positive vibes to others.


Types of Struggles


strg.jpgHi this is me again, with a new interest, Type of struggles. This is the another part of Girl who born to learn. 

It is true ! Struggles teach us a lot but some time, your own struggles teach you to quit… just to quit everything but I did not do that.

I started my struggle when I was a kid. I lived like a boy. My papa was willing me to live like a boy and I did. My first struggle started from here. every one used to ask me that why I am so but I liked myself as I was. I studied well. I participated in almost every curricular activities. I stood first, struggle starts here. Suddenly my sister got married and Now my mum was doing all the works alone. Now as being a girl, I was the only person who can do household works on regular basis. (As an typical Indian mentality) I had seen the days when my brother was not doing any work at home but I was doing because I am a girl. Yes! I am a girl but the things differentiate. Here struggle starts. I started comparing the things like he is a boy and he is not doing these things and I am a girl and I have to do such things. It was my internal struggle. I was not talking to others for this. Yes! I was in depression for the same. I was losing my interest in  most interested things of life as student.

I did my senior secondary with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. I was willing to do Engineering after that. I had given entrance test for Engineering but could not do. Again! another struggle starts here. I have joined Bachelor’s in Science. I tries to quit everything in between but struggle made me to run again. I tried to quit but I couldn’t. I get frustrated but I ran. Again! struggle starts here. After breaking my dreams with a big hammer, I reunite again and moved to NZ. I was home sick, alone and losing hope there. I was jobless, lack of money, no work. I frustrated. Again! Struggle starts here. I worked hard met some beautiful Kiwis, I learnt how to be only strong if nothing else. I worked with inspirational people. I learned new things. then studies completed, again in search of better opportunity. Again! struggle starts here.

The Struggles always are different at different situations. Some time, we are unable to express what we did and what we want to do and inner struggle starts which is most dangerous. We are unable to control our brain and heart at same time. So try to opt only one among both otherwise internal struggle will never quit. We took some serious steps in pressure or to avoid those struggles but nothing changes because your early step dig a well to fall in. Struggles are the part of bright future ! BUT if you are still struggling internally then please don’t. Express it your near ones to protect your self ,to live your dreams alive.

So in nutshell, Struggle for your will, struggle for your dreams but do not struggle internally. Always remember, “Where there is the SUN there is the SHINE.” Bright Shine.


Is this Humanity or Racism???


I am working in a FMCG company. I have good experience of 5 years but I had never seen or met these sort of people. This was the day of Eid. People are celebrating. It is muslim festival. On this day people used to cook sevayi in milk which are usually awesome in taste.

There are some Muslim people working in our company. There was no holiday of Eid in our office because majority of people were hindu. My name is Razia but I belong to religion “humanity” and then to Hindu. My father gave me this name. and I love it.

Firstly the day when, a person who is muslim came from his festival next day in office, He brought milk sevayi for all. I had that full plate as I liked it most. Many of people were making faces and even advising me that why are you eating sevayi from a muslim festival because they will never be a part of our community. I was shocked and was literally laughing at that moment and replied , “are you human being or not? Creator of human (GOD) does not make any differentiation between us then who are you to create such idiotic behaviour to others. But yesterday I realised this zealot will never change without their own efforts. Such people who do racism on behalf of religion will never grow their self and are actual in need of help. In my sense, these people are handicapped with religion and will never understand what the unity is.

Before one week, I was reading a book from a writer and he has written that India will ruin itself under only one thing which is religion.

We are reading in newspapers or TV news channels that one girl has been raped in this blah blah area and found in dustbin or one girl get raped by 4 to 5 people in a bus or 5 years old girl get raped by 70-year-old man. Then where the hell is religion? Why then no body talks about their religions. Do your religion teaching you to rape a woman? Or to put acid on someone?

No! No religion teaches you this at all. You people need to wake up yourself. Waking up everyday from you bed isn’t meaning of waked up! You need to wake up your inner soul so that you may learn, sevayi from a muslim festival is not poison it is care and sharing sweet for happiness and equality what they are sharing with you.



Please comment your views about it.

Maturity- The Art of Living

Sign with word immature turned into mature

Maturity is many things.  With help of maturity you may change the way you live. The difference between Mature and Immature is : Immature will say “I want it now” but a mature person “can wait”.

Maturity is the ability to control anger and differentiate between violence or destruction. It is differentiation between ego & self- respect. You will know about possibility and assumption. Maturity will give you a clear the idea of comparison & result.

So when I became mature, the things are getting settled. I started knowing that how I can learn and earn accordingly. The main lesson which I have learnt when maturity was touching my head is, I became a person who did not get any effects from people that how they think , what they judge & what they do in their personal life. The thing which is not related to me, Simply It doesn’t bother me at all.

Yeah! I struggled, I frustrated at most of the situations of my life. I took many wrong decisions in my life but I did not fumble. I kept on doing the rest of the required things which went right as well as wrong. Now I  know when to compromise and when to not. You realize that you are mature enough when you got ability to live up to your responsibilities.  life is full of learning, you may learn at any time , any age and in any circumstances.

Level I (No Comparison) – When maturity level get started you will get to know what is good or bad for you and also for others. You will learn how an attempt to do something, gives results in different ways. Then you will never judge your self if you are learning what you want. You will never think about people’s mindset that what they think or what they are going to react on your new action. At that level you will feel better, relaxed & best thing is you will stop comparing your self to others. 🙂

Level II ( A good Choice) –  The second best thing when you had already achieved and lost at same point & you are unable to chose your way, where to go? what to do? A immature person will be taking so many advises, he will be exploring each n every possibility and will be doing nothing in the end but An Mature person will be knowing what would be pros & Cons of my action which I will be opting. Yes! it is true Actions needs brave heart. If you are mature then you will know your bravery which will make you strong internally to take any action positively.

End Level (No expectations, No regrets)– The level end is end of your hypothetical expectations, false hope, wrong decisions etc. It does not mean that if you are mature and you will be never taking decisions wrong. It sometime depend upon the situation and how fast you react to that. At the extreme level you will find yourself  calm, with a kind heart of forgiveness.

It is well said that Maturity is the art of living in peace with that you may change your prospects to live.

A Girl who born to learn

Yah! It is me. I struggled a lot and still do not get what I actually want. I was the person who wanted to become an Engineer but due to my family wishes, I could not become that. I was doing job and now jobless. Again, struggle starts here. Again I have to start maybe from zero to reunite my inner strengths and will become a working lady on my own. But, Do you think the things which any one has done on his/her own decision will ruin that person like hell…

In actual, The answer for this, in my terms is NO ! Because I am here to learn. I am here to grow. Yes! I can see the dreams to get a better lifestyle with open n wide eyes. No one can stop me.

Yes! I am failing in so many things. Yes! I am jobless presently. Yes! I am alone somewhere but I can do the best . I will be doing from now and Now, definitely without any regrets.
To be continued….

Next part will be : Type of Struggles



Once upon a time there was a farmer had a beautiful farm, he also had a very beautiful lake near the farm. One fine day he was farming in his field and a stranger passed by, the stranger asked the farmer that have you seen any diamonds recently, the farmer was surprised and asked the stranger what is a diamond?,the stranger was surprised by his question and said the farmer that if you had a diamond as big as your thumb you can buy a whole village and if you have a diamond a big as your fist you can buy the whole city, getting impressed by this the farmer asked the stranger where we can get diamonds the stranger said you can get lots of raw diamonds in Africa.
The farmer then sold all his farm with the lake and went to explore Africa for diamonds leaving his family at stray and alone. Since more then ten years he was searching for diamonds but he was not able to find anything, but as the farmer sold his farm to the other farmer, the other farmer was sitting beside the lake and saw a very shinny substance, he picked it up & it was a diamond big as his thumb, he took it & kept it as a showpiece in his house.

One fine day that stranger again came to same farm and saw a diamond in that other farmers home and asked that did that first farmer found this diamond, the second farmer said no that farmer sold this farm to me and I found this stone near the lake and the second farmer realized that the stone he found is a diamond and it was one of the most precious and expensive stones of the world.


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