A Girl who born to learn

Yah! It is me. I struggled a lot and still do not get what I actually want. I was the person who wanted to become an Engineer but due to my family wishes, I could not become that. I was doing job and now jobless. Again, struggle starts here. Again I have to start maybe from zero to reunite my inner strengths and will become a working lady on my own. But, Do you think the things which any one has done on his/her own decision will ruin that person like hell…

In actual, The answer for this, in my terms is NO ! Because I am here to learn. I am here to grow. Yes! I can see the dreams to get a better lifestyle with open n wide eyes. No one can stop me.

Yes! I am failing in so many things. Yes! I am jobless presently. Yes! I am alone somewhere but I can do the best . I will be doing from now and Now, definitely without any regrets.
To be continued….

Next part will be : Type of Struggles