Maturity- The Art of Living

Sign with word immature turned into mature

Maturity is many things.  With help of maturity you may change the way you live. The difference between Mature and Immature is : Immature will say “I want it now” but a mature person “can wait”.

Maturity is the ability to control anger and differentiate between violence or destruction. It is differentiation between ego & self- respect. You will know about possibility and assumption. Maturity will give you a clear the idea of comparison & result.

So when I became mature, the things are getting settled. I started knowing that how I can learn and earn accordingly. The main lesson which I have learnt when maturity was touching my head is, I became a person who did not get any effects from people that how they think , what they judge & what they do in their personal life. The thing which is not related to me, Simply It doesn’t bother me at all.

Yeah! I struggled, I frustrated at most of the situations of my life. I took many wrong decisions in my life but I did not fumble. I kept on doing the rest of the required things which went right as well as wrong. Now I  know when to compromise and when to not. You realize that you are mature enough when you got ability to live up to your responsibilities.  life is full of learning, you may learn at any time , any age and in any circumstances.

Level I (No Comparison) – When maturity level get started you will get to know what is good or bad for you and also for others. You will learn how an attempt to do something, gives results in different ways. Then you will never judge your self if you are learning what you want. You will never think about people’s mindset that what they think or what they are going to react on your new action. At that level you will feel better, relaxed & best thing is you will stop comparing your self to others. 🙂

Level II ( A good Choice) –  The second best thing when you had already achieved and lost at same point & you are unable to chose your way, where to go? what to do? A immature person will be taking so many advises, he will be exploring each n every possibility and will be doing nothing in the end but An Mature person will be knowing what would be pros & Cons of my action which I will be opting. Yes! it is true Actions needs brave heart. If you are mature then you will know your bravery which will make you strong internally to take any action positively.

End Level (No expectations, No regrets)– The level end is end of your hypothetical expectations, false hope, wrong decisions etc. It does not mean that if you are mature and you will be never taking decisions wrong. It sometime depend upon the situation and how fast you react to that. At the extreme level you will find yourself  calm, with a kind heart of forgiveness.

It is well said that Maturity is the art of living in peace with that you may change your prospects to live.