Is this Humanity or Racism???


I am working in a FMCG company. I have good experience of 5 years but I had never seen or met these sort of people. This was the day of Eid. People are celebrating. It is muslim festival. On this day people used to cook sevayi in milk which are usually awesome in taste.

There are some Muslim people working in our company. There was no holiday of Eid in our office because majority of people were hindu. My name is Razia but I belong to religion “humanity” and then to Hindu. My father gave me this name. and I love it.

Firstly the day when, a person who is muslim came from his festival next day in office, He brought milk sevayi for all. I had that full plate as I liked it most. Many of people were making faces and even advising me that why are you eating sevayi from a muslim festival because they will never be a part of our community. I was shocked and was literally laughing at that moment and replied , “are you human being or not? Creator of human (GOD) does not make any differentiation between us then who are you to create such idiotic behaviour to others. But yesterday I realised this zealot will never change without their own efforts. Such people who do racism on behalf of religion will never grow their self and are actual in need of help. In my sense, these people are handicapped with religion and will never understand what the unity is.

Before one week, I was reading a book from a writer and he has written that India will ruin itself under only one thing which is religion.

We are reading in newspapers or TV news channels that one girl has been raped in this blah blah area and found in dustbin or one girl get raped by 4 to 5 people in a bus or 5 years old girl get raped by 70-year-old man. Then where the hell is religion? Why then no body talks about their religions. Do your religion teaching you to rape a woman? Or to put acid on someone?

No! No religion teaches you this at all. You people need to wake up yourself. Waking up everyday from you bed isn’t meaning of waked up! You need to wake up your inner soul so that you may learn, sevayi from a muslim festival is not poison it is care and sharing sweet for happiness and equality what they are sharing with you.



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