The life Changes


It is a new start! Few days ago I met one person who was trying to talk and wanted to be frank with me but I was not. The reason behind my expressions were unknown. It does not mean that I was showing my attitude or something because I am what I am. I treated him well and I was not at all arrogant but suddenly I received a massage from his side that “This is Life and every day is a new beginning.” I was amazed and asked him why did he wrote this to me? He observed something or some intuition has come onto his mind, I was curious to know.  but he did not answer.

  “This is Life and every day is a new beginning.” We read this line many times. We give advises to people but are we following it? Let us start here…….

The only thing which keep on running is our mind. Our mind has an incredible and powerful ability to change the things. This can create, modify, update & delete the moments which had happened, are happening and may be you are about to do it. When we start realizing what our mind is trying to say, or we suddenly opt the things which our mind was asking us for long, at that time a change has come into our life’s door step. We know very well that Change is a necessity but some time we were not ready and sudden change happen. It can be anything. Could be related to you daily work routine, might be nature of person toward you or can be your internal yourself which was not agreeing to change but it did ! The only reason is ” Change is a process not a event.”

Many times you feel distrust or antagonist but the happening has happened. So this is what I learnt new is Change is a phenomenon. You cant stop what is changing or what next gonna change. So be in present and live in Today.  If you are in present then you will not be worrying for future. Yes! This is life. Everything keeps on moving. Every day is a new beginning so Live it and pass positive vibes to others.


Types of Struggles


strg.jpgHi this is me again, with a new interest, Type of struggles. This is the another part of Girl who born to learn. 

It is true ! Struggles teach us a lot but some time, your own struggles teach you to quit… just to quit everything but I did not do that.

I started my struggle when I was a kid. I lived like a boy. My papa was willing me to live like a boy and I did. My first struggle started from here. every one used to ask me that why I am so but I liked myself as I was. I studied well. I participated in almost every curricular activities. I stood first, struggle starts here. Suddenly my sister got married and Now my mum was doing all the works alone. Now as being a girl, I was the only person who can do household works on regular basis. (As an typical Indian mentality) I had seen the days when my brother was not doing any work at home but I was doing because I am a girl. Yes! I am a girl but the things differentiate. Here struggle starts. I started comparing the things like he is a boy and he is not doing these things and I am a girl and I have to do such things. It was my internal struggle. I was not talking to others for this. Yes! I was in depression for the same. I was losing my interest in  most interested things of life as student.

I did my senior secondary with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. I was willing to do Engineering after that. I had given entrance test for Engineering but could not do. Again! another struggle starts here. I have joined Bachelor’s in Science. I tries to quit everything in between but struggle made me to run again. I tried to quit but I couldn’t. I get frustrated but I ran. Again! struggle starts here. After breaking my dreams with a big hammer, I reunite again and moved to NZ. I was home sick, alone and losing hope there. I was jobless, lack of money, no work. I frustrated. Again! Struggle starts here. I worked hard met some beautiful Kiwis, I learnt how to be only strong if nothing else. I worked with inspirational people. I learned new things. then studies completed, again in search of better opportunity. Again! struggle starts here.

The Struggles always are different at different situations. Some time, we are unable to express what we did and what we want to do and inner struggle starts which is most dangerous. We are unable to control our brain and heart at same time. So try to opt only one among both otherwise internal struggle will never quit. We took some serious steps in pressure or to avoid those struggles but nothing changes because your early step dig a well to fall in. Struggles are the part of bright future ! BUT if you are still struggling internally then please don’t. Express it your near ones to protect your self ,to live your dreams alive.

So in nutshell, Struggle for your will, struggle for your dreams but do not struggle internally. Always remember, “Where there is the SUN there is the SHINE.” Bright Shine.