The Training Wheels: Recap


This is another month; he did not know where to start. I heard his noise of brain and murmuring of heart but nothing happened. He is young, energetic and pure hearten person. He started his brain storming when he done in EC. Partition began. He dug something for himself to generate lifelong cave but how it could happen without having a mattock. I knew him since the time when he started his struggles within his self I mean Childhood. The first time I realize his luck at the time when some girl denied his proposal of friendship in childhood. Further, he prepared his self for future endeavors. He completed his studies and moved to place where he did not know anyone. He starts living as Paying guest and hoping to work within the city. After 6 months, he started working with his newly made Paying Guest friend. But after 2 or so months, he realized that this work isn’t made for him. He stopped working.

2nd Phase of Life:

After leaving that job, he started finding job in same field which he just stopped. He applied on Portal and got many offers for job but due to internal brain-heart fight he couldn’t gave any interview. I had no idea till the time I met him again that from which he is suffering. I motivated him for find something better as he is talented and is having good personality too. But nothing helped. I gave some good references but due to his non-dominating mind set he refused to visit.

3rd Phase of Friendship:

I thought he must be in depression as he is only reliable on his parents. He has so many responsibilities for his family. I started moving toward him to show him that he is not alone so that he will feel better but he indulges his self for other things. He started alcohol with his newly made Paying Guest friend.  He got trapped into his own furl. He was unable to find his track around the world. He lost visions and dreams which he saw in open eyes for government job and also to get appreciated by his family. He lost almost everything due to him only.

Last Phase of everything:

I have learnt in my life that, when you distract yourself with your own working/enthusiasm toward your own dreams, you got trapped; you became a maze runner who will never find his way. I do not know the result but till this time he is still into his own mind’s maze. He made himself unable to come out from the cave of dark. He is still in those fields of thoughts and never preparing for any tests or interviews. He stayed free. I never found any complaints or suggestions from his side for his life.

Finally!!  He stopped trying everything. Yeah! Seriously! I talked to him but did not found any worries as he denied telling me anything and I concluded he is in depression.

MORAL: We chose our own path. Human Mind is a secular thing. You may advise, judge, medicate, suggest but can’t change anyone’s mindset. When you start sympathy with someone or arguing with him/her for their best, then after some time those things stop working for them.

In short: One always knows which is just good or better for him. The thing that only matter is your inner approach for that.