Field of Dreams


I think Dreams are the only human thing for which no reason have found by scientists till now. Dreams, the word itself is interesting. I don’t know how they are building up in my mind and comes with variety of colors in night. The time when we are dreaming, we do not know the real life. It seems we are originally where we are dreaming of. Such an incredible thing it is! Isn’t it? Dreams can be anything. Recently I dreamed that I am sleeping in my dream and dreaming another dream. It was certain. There is no limit or bound on dreams. It can start whenever want in you deep sleep and can make you happy or sad by own choices.

Once a day, I was thinking about dreams that exactly what they are. I start day dreaming about so many things and suddenly my Mom came and shouted, “Where your mind is? I am calling you and you are not replying me.” I answered in flurry, “Mmm….Mom, ah…aa… I was Dreaming”. She rubbed my back and sat next to me and asked, “Ok, what were you dreaming about?” I started telling her: Mom, I am dreaming about a big area where I am building my house. We have pools, play grounds, Fruit Trees, a big lawn, etc etc. I kept on saying and my Mom was listening to me very carefully. I thought she is felling into that dream too but suddenly my mom stops me and said, “Oh darling! You are dreaming about your new home. This is great. Let me tell you a Story” I was looking my mom with full of curiosity and interest then she started:

There was small village which in hilly area. There are number of hillocks in this village. Among all, there is small monticule which was even and flat from top. The sunset view was amazing from this top. Villagers used to visit this monticule to see beauty of nature and usually dreamed about a beautiful house over this hillock but it was very hard to get required stuff to reach over there. There was a family of an old man who was living nearby to this place. He did morning and evening walk daily. He carried some bricks or stones in his hand while walking. Every villager was taunting him and making his jokes by saying him “Arree! Budha Pagla gya hai! (Translation: Oh Lord! This old man got mad!) No one can make house with this 2 bricks in his hands. But all these didn’t effect old man. With his huge efforts, his family started supporting him. They kept on picking some materials while going to that mount.

Years had been passed! One day there was enough material to build a beautiful house. He built his dream house as he want. People around him was shocked and start praising him and thinking inside, we wish we could make those efforts to build a dream house at this place. Mom put her hands on my head and asked, “Hmmm!!!! So did you get why I tell you this story?” I said, “Yes! Mom. I learnt. Dreams are only those which can be fulfil by our will power and struggle.

Then my Mom gave me a lesson:

Dreams are those who do not let you sleep. We do not even remember in the morning, the dream we seen while sleeping. But those Dreams which are seen with open eyes, we not only remember them, but they do not let us sleep. So dream Big and Work harder to make your dream come true.