Woman in Train- A Random Memory


I am an Indian woman and has passed so many life examinations as every woman does. The life will never stop examine you. It will be never late to give true examination about your inner self about how you true to yourself!

I am writing after so long due to some questionnaire revolving around me. New Days, New Life and new struggles. I was thinking everything has changed, hopefully life will find some new tracks. Yes! It reroutes to something new but roots belong to struggles. Today I want to talk about a Woman’s struggle throughout the life. It is not about me but true for many woman who keep on struggling for life and lights and of course they all #Inspireme. (Person names can be fictions but story is true)

I went to Gujarat (India State Gujarat is famous for its rich cultural heritage) in July’17. I went on my friend’s engagement party. I was coming back in train after two days. I was a little ill with sore throat. Firstly, an uncle was gazing at me since long time, I ignored. But he could not resist and talked to me. He asked about my study/career and hometown. Next stop was Indore and two boys came and sat next to me. There was a foreigner passenger traveling in next compartment. Suddenly those boys start talking to me as they were willing to talk that foreigner lady.  That uncle started to make some sound to get noticed by that lady as she and he were belong to same “Hare-Krishna” group. She came and we started knowing about her.

She was so kind-hearted and really know more than us about Hindu religion. She start chanting with uncle, those boys and me. We enjoyed a lot. Before the time of arrival we got each-others contact/Instagram account details to get in touch with all. I was little uncomfortable to share my details with anyone who is unknown because we heard many of news on regular. But I found all of them were nice so we shared.

Then my stop comes and we moved to own destinations. I was connected with all of them on Instagram. That foreigner lady had put so many of pictures of her own and of her loved ones. I found a story in her timeline and even she told us when we were travelling together.  She was alone now as her husband passed away and her family was not happy as she was involving to Hinduism. But she doesn’t lose hope and was continuously growing and becoming more matured. She was alone but she is living her life with enthusiasm and perfections. Nothing is harming her she was traveling from her country to India and living here. She became a another inspiration for me and gave me a lesson of life.

Moral:  If any worse is happening to you is a part of your life. It is a journey, you may lose so many things and many of people will come and leave you but make yourself is a unique person. Nothing will ever going to hurt you if you are standing like a rock. Be yourself. Be happy in every situation because everything is given by God and he knows better what is better for us!!